A Life before and after Art

A Life before and after Art

A few weeks ago the official Season Opening of Zurichs Galleries happened, and it was very inspiring – many fantastic artists and even more transcendent art.  The question I am asked a lot by collectors and friends is  – how and where do I hang my art? Or – Do I need large walls to hang art?

Since art is very personal, there is no perfect formula to “what art looks best where” – but there are definetily rules of colorpalettes and relative sizes. An appartment is composed of furniture, colors, objects and accessoiries. Art brings the unexpected in all of this. Picking out the dominating colors in the room is one of many aspects on how to place art.

It could also be that one chooses the art before he has the furniture – and an idea can be to buy a piece of furniture that complements the piece of art. Or another idea could be that the artwork is the centerpiece of the room and is surrounded by furniture and objects.

Here is a great before and after example from Apartment Therapy  that I found was really well done.

Send me your ideas and inspirations, I would be deligthed to hear them.


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