Jay Bower


Jason Hegetschweiler (born 1980), professionally known as Jay Bower, is an artist and designer currently living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. He graduated from Lucerne School of Art and Design in 2003.

Jay Bower grew up in a suburb of Zurich called Horgen. In his early days he started out performing through artistic graffiti – conveying his message across the cantons of Switzerland.

Since 2006 Jay Bower has been professionally creating paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures.During that time and under the same name he was also DJing and producing music for his bands Linktiim and Sektion Chuchichäschtli,
with which he also toured throughout Switzerland. Some of his songs even made it into the charts.

Jay Bower is a very joyful and professional individual that loves to inspire others through the expression of his artistic ability. His process always begins with observation and imagination. One of the distinguishing traits that is most appreciated by his audience and friends is his ability to listen and his interest in stories of all kinds which, following his vast imagination, fuel his art every day.

His work reflects many aspects of life. Many of his early artworks have a touch of pastel, which reflected Bower’s state of mind at that time – whereas later works show bolder, shinier colors. Certainly his works are emotionally charged and contain everything from a message of growth to moments of calmness and clarity.

Some collectors have been quoted to say that many of their own collected works are interchangeable, but not Jay Bowers; they are truly one of a kind. Amongst his collectors are Italian and American industrialists and many privates.

Jay also represents many charities and social betterment campaigns while continuing to imbue the world with pieces that touch on a spectrum of different emotions and allow the viewer, or collector, to feel something; to really truly feel something that only art can give.


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