An Exhibition in Melbourne


Dear readers and followers. Last week was a very special one – for the first time ever i exhibited one of my works in Melbourne Australia. This Design Fair of Design and Innovation was a great success and thanks to the Trend Hub, i got the opportunity to show my Lifeforce – Waterlily Print. A work shown at the main wall made of golden color – “mesmerizing and very inspiring” were some of the words of visitors. The world of interior design has always fascinated me.

A special thanks to Phil Pond at Scarlet Opus and Trend Hub for showing one of my pieces in their booth at the Decor + Design Fair in Melbourne.

SkyNews Sydney was there too ! Check out Phils Twitteraccount.

More photos of the fair will follow.

In the meantime, have another look at the Sculpture Lifeforce – Waterlily.

Be well and get inspired !

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