And all at once, summer collapsed into fall …

Of Autumn, Trees and Color Changes

Every Swiss citizen knows this just too well – when it comes to temperature changes, it can be a matter of hours that it drops or rises. Sometimes it seems like a shockwave. But then a change from hot summerdays to colder days can be fascinating in terms of a color change. From green to yellow, from light brown to dark brown.

Nature does its job when it comes to creation of life, and it follows the cycle of creation, survival and decay. This week’s post is about my philosophical trees, encountered during my travels. A tree has its own story, and sometimes survives the centuries.

Winter is coming, and its in our favor …

Here is a wonderful website of a close friend of mine, it is all about colors, pigments and the scientific aspect of them. I found an inspiring painting of Monet – Have a look at



“ … and all at once, summer collapsed into fall .”

Oscar Wilde

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