Exclusive Interview with Francesca Grande aka Frankie Grrr

An exclusive Interview with writer Francesca Grande aka Frankie Grrr

While being on the road alot these last weeks i was thinking of how i can share my visions with even more people. So i gave a few interviews to writers and journalists. And one of them is Francesca Grande, also known as Frankie Grrr – she was able to capture so many of my thoughts and visions, like no one has done before. She is one of the most professional and talented writer i have ever worked with.

It was such a great pleasure to have her come from Como over to Zurich and to tour her through my latest exhibition and show her all the public sculptures on the way.

If you ever wondered how it would be to see deeply inside an artists visions and dreams for the future – well there you have it !

Read the full interview here

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