New Abstract Paintings in progress

New abstract color paintings

After the successfull exhibiton at Design + Decor in Melbourne we reached out to many interior designers, as we think that Sculptures, Objects and Original Artworks are very important for any interior. Art in my opinion connects the people with design and architecture. This can be in an emotional way or in a conceptual way. Lately i have been in a mood for more colors – just like the Surrli Sculpture and Wallpainting that connects the drivers with this colorful piece of art, i want to connect peoples thoughts and moods inside their livingrooms. Here is a good example from Apartment Therapy. I just started a new continuos series of Abstract paintings. I leave it to you what kind of reflection you see. All i can say is that these acrylic paintings are very powerful and light up any place.

Here is a preview of the upcoming works – Enjoy and share !

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