Special Christmas Sale

It’s that time of the year –  time for a Christmas Sale

Did you ever wonder how your home whould look like if it was filled with more Paintings and Prints?
Or what the difference between an empty wall and a wall full of art means for your standard of living?

Out of experience with many of our clients and friends, it’s this that they love about Art:
“Paintings, Prints or Sculptures have actually brought my appartment to life”
“Without Art my house whould be without soul”
“Thanks to those beautiful Prints, my livingroom is full of love and feels like a new livingroom”

Right now, we have a big sale going on in the studio, that will last until 15th of december.

Looking forward to meeting you personally at the Studio.

Up to 60% on everything until December 15th –
from Original Paintings to Prints !
Contact us to come by and see for yourself !

See a preview here

Contact us at:
atelier@jaybower.com   |   +41 (0)43 534 47 12

Our Adress:
Jay Bower Atelier
Eichstrasse 29
8045 Zürich

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