The Art of Living

Getting inspiration from Italians

Italy has a great culture – it is reflected by its art, fashion, food, music and many other things – but mostly it shows in its wonderful people. My wife is Italian, and every few weeks we visit Italy to see the family. Many times I tried to figure out what the secret behind Italian way of life was, and could not really get to a point until now. As a Swiss citizen feeling Italy deep in my heart, I was on a mission to get a better understaning of the Italian Lifestyle.

The answer is actually very simple – Italians are professionals at enjoying life, thats where the words “La Dolce Vita” comes from ” The sweet Life”. Italians are good at working, but on the other side they are also good at living.

I have learned to live life in a different way since I met my wonderful Italian wife.

Thank you Martina for giving me a piece of your heart and your culture …

“ Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”

Anna Akhmatova

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