The Surrli Sculpture – A Video

The opening of the Surrli Sculpture – a Year in review

Last year in June, the Surrli Sculpture was officially unveiled to the public by the president of Horgen City. Many came to see this spectacle – just for the fact that the roundabout was closed for cars, and everyone could walk on it an touch the sculpture. In the coming months people gave me alot of great feedbacks to the artpiece and flooded me with “love messages” – saying that the playfulness and colorfulness inspired them. Some even changed their daily road to work, just to go past the sculpture.

If you are ever in this area – come by for a spin !
Heres the google map of the sculpture

We actually made a video of the opening last year, so have a look and get into the mood.
Video by Margherita Angeli


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