WasserWerke Exhibition Opening

The Wasserwerke Exhibition Opening was a great success ! Thanks to everyone for the great support ! Over 350 people attended the Vernissage. After an inspiring speech by Kulturfond board member Denise Vielmi and Kulturfond president Stefan Schäppi, the city’s president Theo Leuthold himself officially opened this extraordinary exhibition.

With 25 very talended artists, I feel we created something unique – bringing this Wasserwerk to life once again.

I presented my newest work which I called Lifeforce (Waterlily). It symbolizes Life and the fact that Life can thrive in any given condition.

The Sculpture consists of a Waterlily made of polished brass that is growing out of  water,  made of stainless steel. At its center, the object has an interactive light and reacts to sounds.

Have a look at the photos and get inspired to visit this exhibition.

The exhibition continues until the June 26.

Find all the details on the Exhibition in this PDF.

Location mapped here

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